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BF and 64 bits

Mon 12 Dec 11

The effect of 64 bit versions of Windows and Excel on Business Functions
  • To my knowledge, you cannot have the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and Excel installed on the same PC. You may wish to consider this before investing in Excel 64-bit and you want to use lots of addins with it.
  • BF PROBABLY won't work with Excel 64-bit because it is a 32-bit library. I will look into the feasibility of compiling an additional 64-bit library but do not hold your breath.
  • BF works ABSOLUTELY FINE on Windows 64-bit with Excel 32-bit (a common combination), BUT, the install program probably won't automatically register the addin wih Excel and you will have to do it manually (File/Addins/Excel Addins from within Excel and browse to busfun.xlam).
  • It's a statement of the obvious, but under Vista, Windows 7 32-bit, NT, XP and all Excel versions on these operating systems, BF installs and works perfectly.
I am personally not convinced that Excel 64-bit offers sufficient advantages at the moment to offset piotential problems. In fact I can't yet see where Excel 64 would benefit my financial modelling business. This is because of problems with all sorts of addins, not just BF, and because, from what I can see, you can't have the 32-bit version of Excel on the same PC. I am used to havings sverela versions of Excel on my PC for testing purposes, and this 64-bits or nothing is a bit of a downer for me.

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