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Error Reports

Mon 05 Dec 11

Thanks for the error reports you send in. You can send an error report from within BF, and you may be thinking they just get ignored. Well, if you include your email I will always respond. If you don't include the email, I will still look at the issue.

Sometimes the error is clearly because of a failed install, and there is nothing I can do about that without knowing more, and the advice is going to be to repeat the intsall and to check manually that it has installed and registered.

Other times, like a few that have arrived recently, it is due a missing example. As you know, we are supposed to have an example for every function in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. I now know there are about 15 functions without examples, and I am gradually working through these and the next version should have a complete suite of examples. 95% of the time this is the case right now, but there is no excuse for it not being 100%.

So - keep the error reports coming, they are not in vain!!

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