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What does the install program do?

Thu 24 Nov 11

If you are having trouble installing or are suspicious about what the install program does, here is an explanation:

  • It sets up a directory, by default under Program Files, called Business Functions
  • It copies into this directory a number of files. The most important one is busfunlb.xll, which is the library of functions in a C++ Windows dll. The other main ones are busfun.xla, which is the Excel 2003 VBA 'frontend' (BF menus etc) and its Excel 2007-2010 equivalent, busfun.xlam. It also copies the help file, busfun.chm, the function database used by the Function Finder, busfun.mdb, and a loda of spreadsheets, namely the component examples (for each function) and the Worked Examples.
  • It puts a few menu shortcuts in your programs menu so can easily access various features and uninstall BF.
  • It makes an entry in the registry in the Excel addins area so that Excel automatically knows BF is installed and can use it. Sometimes it is this last stage which doesn’t work and you have to register BF manually - not too hard, it’s the way Microsoft has set it up that you do it by hand actually, but we try to automate the process.

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