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Library Only Install

Thu 20 Feb 14

Very occasionally, and we solve the problem when it happens, the library fails to register. What happens is busfun.xla or busfun.xlam loads as it should, but there is problem loading busfunlb.xll or busfunlb64.xll.

If this happens, we will double check the Visual Basic xla and xlam files. What you can do is first of all check that the xll file does actually exist in the Business Functions install directory.

Then, if you are in a desperate hurry to get going you can manually register the xxl file only. This will give all the functions but not any of the menus. To do this, go into Excel Options / Excel Addins and UNCHECK Business Functions. Ok to all that and then go into Options / Addins again and BROWSE to the appropriate xll file, either busfunlb.xll for 32-bit Excel or busfunlb64.xll for 64-bit Excel. Select that file and close the dialog box to go backj to Excel. Now at least your functions are all there whilst we help sort the VBA problem with the xla/xlam file.

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