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New Version And Now Free

Sat 22 Jan 22

We're proud to release version 1.62 after a lull of 5 years!

We're also excited to say BF is now FREE for now and the foreseeable future (it never actually did pay for that yacht!), so no more License Codes or nag screens.

There have been no feature changes except we retired the Regular Expression section, it was too much hassle to maintain with the Boost Libraries and syntax changes. There are no plans to remove any other features.

But it has been recompiled with the latest compiler, tidied up in places, and tested against all the example files.

There are 3 "versions" you can download. The LITE version is the old free version, that has a fairly minimal menu and of course the library of functions. The MODEL BUILDER version is the old paid version which has a few extra utilities and tools to make business forecasting hopefully easier. The LIBRARY XLL only version is the ultra lightweight package that just has the barebones library with no menu or help file.

If I was you I would probably download the Model Builder version, thats what I use every day.

If you have a problem and need to go back to a previous version, version 1.61 is still downloadable, as indeed are all the previous versions.

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