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Topic: Topic : Welcome to the Non-BF board
14 Jan 2012 03:49 pm

Post any general financial modelling or Excel queries here. This is for non-Business Functions issues.

ciaran burns
18 Apr 2012 03:05 pm

Hi guys,

Any suggestions on what functions to use to calculate the cost of breaking a fixed interest rate swap

18 Apr 2012 06:39 pm

Hmm, well forgive me I sound ignorant, I only ever had to do these calcs from the client side not the bank side. I hope I am not stating the obvious.

You have to work out the PV of the difference between the fixed rate interest and the implicit market forecast rates. That means calcing a Zero Coupon Curve using existing swap bond rates. That can give the discount factors for the PVing. I am sure you can work out the market rates that way too. BF does have a zero coupon function which works and was tested just the other day. Sorry to be vague it takes me a couple of days to get into this stuff again!

12 Oct 2013 04:38 pm

Hi there, I have a question and need to ask it right here. Is there a COUPDAYSNC alternative in BF? I need a function that accepts 12 as argument for frequency or period. I am sure there is a function contained in your rich library. But up until now I was searching in vain.

So now I found out that your text editor here in the forum does not allow quotation marks and just deletes the whole text!

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