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    1. Simple Loan
    2. Finance Lease
    3. Mortgage
    4. Maximum Mortgage for given periodic repayment
    5. Loan Mortgage With Extra Capital Repayments
    6. Scheduled Repayment loan
    7. Scheduled Repayment Loan with Interest Rollup
    8. Flexible Mortgage Loan with stepped payments
    1. US APR Convertor
    1. Simple Bond Issue
    1. Polynomial Curve Fit
    1. Simple Cash Flow
    1. Week Number (including ISO)
    1. Accounts Receivable
    2. Depreciation Work In Progress
    3. Depreciation Schedule
    4. Capital Gains Using LIFO
    1. Stepped Rent
    2. DCF Analysis
    3. Property Business Plan
    4. Tenant Sheet
    5. Property Loan
    6. Occupancy Costs
    7. Lease Appraisal
    8. European Property Fund
    9. Turnover Rent (Simple)
    10. Property Loan
    11. Why Business Functions For Property
    12. Office Rent Roll
    13. Retail Turnover Rent Roll
    14. DCF Lease Appraisal
    15. Indexed Rent
    16. Construction Budget and Loan
    1. Takeover Property
    2. Capital Value
    3. Equivalent Yield
    1. Oil and Gas Production Profile (Decline Curve)
    1. Methods Of Spreading Capital Expenditure
    2. Simple Projections
    3. BF GoalSeek demonstration
    4. How to Call Business Functions from VBA
    1. Bullet Chart
Note: In order to use the spreadsheet examples, you need to download Business Functions, except where it says 'Non Business Functions' which just uses plain Excel.

Turnover Rent (Simple)

A simpler version of a retail rent roll. The turnover percentages depend on turnover thresholds, but not on time. This makes it a good deal simpler and you can have a line per tenant, by far the most efficient way of doing a rent roll.
Download: turnrent2.xls

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